Aashiq Banaya Aapne Movie Dubbed In Hindi Download

Aashiq Banaya Aapne Movie Dubbed In Hindi Download

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Aashiq Banaya Aapne Movie Dubbed In Hindi Download



The Warriors Full Movie Torrent


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In the near future, a charismatic leader summons the street gangs of New York City in a bid to take it over. When he is killed, The Warriors are falsely blamed and now must fight their way home while

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original title: The Warriors

genge: Action,Crime,Thriller



duration: 1h 32min

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budget: $4,000,000

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In the near future, a charismatic leader summons the street gangs of New York City in a bid to take it over. When he is killed, The Warriors are falsely blamed and now must fight their way home while every other gang is hunting them down. New York City. Home to 7,000,000 people, they work, play, and have fun by day. But at night the city is run by ruthless street gangs such as; The Furies, The Boppers, The Hi-Hats, The Lizzies, The Turnbull AC's, The Gramercy Riffs and The Warriors. One night at an all gangs meeting, the leader of the Riffs, Cyrus, makes a speech and creates a plan to unite all the gangs of the city. One gang strong enough to overpower the police. But suddenly he is shot and a gang called The Warriors are framed by Luther, leader of the Rogues. Now they have to return to Coney Island, escaping from 20,000 policemen and 100,000 sworn enemies. They got one way out. They got one chance. They've got one night. THE WARRIORS The Warriors (1979) was Walter Hill's street gang masterpiece. It's so cheesy and highly entertaining. The Warriors, along with all of the street gangs in the New York City area are invited to a "street gang "convention" headed by the leader of the city's biggest gang Cyrus. Cyrus has a vision, to unite all the gangs and take over the city. Each gang brings their leader and eight "representatives" to the meeting. The film follows the gang with it's main emphasis on the Warriors.

These are no ordinary street gangs. They're as flamboyant as their names. You have gangs of mimes, baseball playing clowns, greaser gangs, rejects from the "Wanderers" (by the way another great film about street gangs), skinheads, kung-fu gangs, a lesbian gang , a redneck gang and one gang that actually "pays" to get on the subway! Despite the movie being filled with cartoonish gangs, this movie took a lot of heat for "glorifying" the gangs and caused major problems with violence amongst the movie going patrons in several cities.

If you're in the mood for a good old fashion cheese fest filled with hard edge violence, bad dialog, over the top acting and blatant homo-eroticism then this movie's for you. Grab some popcorn and a couple a beers cause it's movie time!

Highly recommended.

P.S. Check out the musical solo by Luther (David Patrick Kelly) accompanied by coke bottles! The first I heard of the warriors was the video game on the XBOX, then I found out it was made from a movie, and then I later found out the movie was made from a novel.

It seemed popular, so I watched the film with hope that it would be as good at the game. And it was, the film was rather good.

What made the film so good was that the plot was nice and simple, the actors wern't too bad, there was plenty of fight scenes and also what I think makes a movie a good one, was some good soundtracks behind the movie.

I would certainly recommend this movie, - 8/10 The Warriors is a deeply silly movie. Its gangs are ridiculous comic-book figures. Still, director Walter Hill treats its world with total seriousness. Bleak synthesizer drones thrum and throb. The streets glow with slickly inky-black greasiness. Nobody smiles. It’s so awesome. Original version:

DVD release: 2001, purple/blue cover

Picture quality: Okay, but with some of the artifacts expected in what was then a 22-year-old cut of film.

Sound: Original mono.

Cut: Original cut as seen in theaters.

Extras: Nothing.

Availability: Now out of print, but still fairly easy to get hold of secondhand for very cheap.

Director's cut:

DVD release: 2005, red-orange cover

Picture quality: Greatly restored and cleaned up, worthy of DVD.

Sound: Remastered stereo surround, very well done.

Cut: Some new short comic-book-style transitions (1-3 seconds) inserted between some scenes, and a new short intro comparing the adventure to the classic Greek story it was based upon.

Extras: Some really good documentaries and interviews, pure gold to Warriors fans.

Availability: Common and in print, low-end DVD price, usually on shelves at major DVD stores.

Fans are very divided on the comic transitions, with some saying it actually ruins the movie while others aren't affected at all by them. But even people who totally hate the comic stuff tend to really like the rest of the goodies on the new disc.

Basically, if you're a fan of the film, you probably won't regret getting both versions. They're fairly cheap as DVDs go, and since it is out of print that original edition won't be so easy to get hold of forever. Additionally, the Director's Cut was released on Blu-ray and the now-defunct HD-DVD format. Both of these HD releases contain the same features as the DVD. A remake of this film was announced in 2005. Set to be produced by MTV films with Tony Scott directing, it would share the original film's basic idea of a gang stranded outside its turf. However, it would be set on the West Coast instead of New York and take place in modern times rather than a dystopian setting. It wasn't done with the approval or participation of Walter Hill or anyone else involved with the original.

Since that announcement, a few minor rumors surfaced (mainly the suggestion that this would feature real gang members as extras, a persistent rumor that has not been confirmed by any official source), but no solid information has been announced by MTV or Tony Scott since the original announcement.

Time has passed since that announcement, and Tony Scott himself died in 2012. Nobody's heard anything about this remake in quite a while. Apart from speculation, and the pushing forward of the release date on the remake's IMDb entry a couple of times (it's been quietly changed from 2006, to 2007, to 2008, all the way to 2014 as deadlines passed with no movie; you can find the entry at http://imdb.com/title/tt0423512/.) There hasn't been a scrap of information about it since the original announcement and Tony Scott's one interview at MTV in 2005. All that info is on http://warriorsmovie.co.uk (click "New movie") - a page on the main "Warriors" fan site, which hasn't changed or updated for a couple of years now.)

At this point, it appears that the project is at least on hold and, at most, dead. 1. Cleon (Dorsey Wright): the warlord, leader and founder of the gang. He wears a leopard-patterned cloth around his head and a Native American-style necklace.

2. Swan (Michael Beck): the war chief, second-in-command of the gang, and the central focus of the film. He's the tall white guy with long hair who becomes Mercy's boyfriend.

3. Ajax (James Remar): the guy who wears fingerless leather gloves and a black tank-top.

4. Vermin (Terry Michos): the fellow who always looks worried. White with scraggily hair, he often voices the down side of things.

5. Cochise (David Harris): the African American wearing Native American-style jewelry, leather pants, and boots. He sports an afro with a red bandanna tied around it.

6. Fox (Thomas G. Waites): the gang's scout, a white guy with curly brown hair he is the one who sees Cyrus shot.

7. Rembrandt (Marcelino Sánchez): the gang's graffiti artist, he wears the standard Warrior's vest along with a messenger bag and an afro.

8. Snow (Brian Tyler): a stoic African American Warrior with an afro.

9. Cowboy (Tom McKitterick): the warrior, who wears a Stetson cowboy hat and a shirt underneath his vest.

Cleon is murdered by the Gramercy Riffs. Ajax is arrested after attempting to sexually assault an undercover police officer. Fox is thrown in front of a train by a police officer. Mercy is the young woman whom they meet when the encounter the orphans, and she becomes and integral part of the rest of the movie. The other six (along with Mercy) Warriors make it back to Coney Island.


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National Treasure Book Of Secrets In Hindi Download Free In Torrent


National Treasure: Book Of Secrets In Hindi Download Free In Torrent ->>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Benjamin Gates must follow a clue left in John Wilkes Booth's diary to prove his ancestor's innocence in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

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original title: National Treasure: Book of Secrets

genge: Action,Adventure,Family,Mystery,Thriller


imdb: 6.9

duration: 2h 4min


budget: $130,000,000

keywords: cleavage, divorce, abrahamlincolncharacter, johnwilkesboothcharacter, marytoddlincolncharacter, cellphonephotograph, blonde, gate, diary, book, treasure, france, gold, assassinationofabrahamlincoln, e

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Ben Gates and his father have lobbied to get their ancestor Thomas Gates, the man who was entrusted with the secret of the Templars treasure, honored as a historical hero. They believe that Gates was approached by two men who unbeknown to him were members of a group loyal to the confederacy, and one of the men, John Wilkes Booth, gives him his journal and shows him something they want him to decipher. Booth then leaves to assassinate Lincoln. Gates completes the deciphering and discovers that it's a clue to a great treasure but when Gates learns who they are, he rips out pages that had the clue and tried to burn them, he would then be shot. At the unveiling, a man named Wilkinson stands up claiming to have in his position one of the pages that Gates tried to burn and in it, is something that claims that Gates may have been involved with the plot to assassinate Lincoln. So now Thomas Gates is labeled a traitor. But Ben and his father don't believe it. So they acquire the page and discover what Gates was deciphering and sets out to prove that Gates is innocent. But Wilkinson is following him. Ben's trek takes him to France, England, and eventually back to Washington but they hit a road block. And to find the clue Ben is forced to kidnap the President. Benjamin Gates must follow a clue left in John Wilkes Booth's diary to prove his ancestor's innocence in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. There's so much wrong about this pitiful film I don't know where to start! As an adult, I found National Treasure: Book of Secrets the most boring movie I have seen on the big screen all year. I had to use every ounce of will power not to walk out of the theater and demand my money back!

Before the movie even started, I was forced to sit through an infuriatingly dopey Disney cartoon, which was nothing more than a not-so-subtle commercial for expensive T.V. and stereo equipment. It went on and on and on. Finally I had to close my eyes in order not to get overly aggravated! Wow! How low Disney has sunk to make a buck.

The story was written to the level of a 10 year old! There's close to nothing to entertain an adult. It's a blatant and poorly done rip-off of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I can deal with a story that's preposterous if it's enjoyable. But kidnapping the president by walking him through a tunnel. How exciting! Finding a Central or South American city hidden thousands of miles away in the Badlands of South Dakota! Yikes!, how insulting to all the Plains Indian tribes can you get? Or, how dumb do you think the American movie going audience is? Can at least a modicum of reality seep into the story?

The special affects are so trite! The props look so fake that I thought they were using an amusement park to film this movie. I was waiting for a water slide to show up any moment!

The acting was pitiful! Nicholas Cage had such a painful look throughout the movie I though he must either be embarrassed or ashamed of himself for stooping so low. I realize actors need to make a living. But he, of all people, can pick and choose his film projects.

The only good thing I could think of is the scene with President and a cameo of a Hillary Clinton look-alike at the President's birthday party. Since the Hillary cameo was having such a good time at the party, it can be assumed the Democrats won the 2008 election! My IMDb comments on the first "National treasure" can just about be summed up as "fairy tale…forgettable but enjoyable while you're at it". This sequel is more of the same.

As an addition to the new genre of puzzle-chasing, not-too-thrilling thriller, NT2 captures the holiday spirit with an injection of family sentiments, by involving now both Ben Gate's (Nicholas Cage) mom and dad, a long-estranged couple brought back together with one thing is common, their love for their dear little boy (to the extent that you can imagine Cage as one).

Same as the first one, this sequel is completely free of sex, violence and obscenity. There is one car chase with minimum shooting. There is the formulaic globe trotting of world-famous spots from Paris' own Statute of Liberty to Buckingham Palace, White House, Mt. Vernon to Mt. Rushmore. The key element this time, in the final analysis, is not treasure but family name. All these are really just to provide the ground for a very impressive cast to act smart, funny, coy, charming, lovable, or all of the above.

The way to enjoy this movie therefore is to love the cast. From the original we have Cage and that's that. Beautiful Diane Kruger is at her best when she flirts with the audience with her witty charm. Justin Bartha continues his role as IT wiz cum royal clown figure. We also have good old Jon Voight as Gate's somewhat eccentric father and Harvey Keitel playing the helpful FBI agent and friend.

A key addition, with the best of credentials, is Helen Mirren, playing Gate's mother, generating some good chemistry with Voight. Villain Sean Bean is now replaced by Ed Harris, looking mildly menacing and winding up as close as possible to becoming a good guy. And then we have the US President, played by who else but Bruce Greenwood. My top choice for the role.

Watch it, and enjoy the cast and holiday season spirit. The movie has terrific if completely unbelievable special effects. The actors had fun, I guess. You might, too, if you like goofiness like this. Historian Ben Gates (Nicolas Cage) learns from treasure hunter Mitch Wilkinson (Ed Harris) that a missing page from the diary of John Wilkes Booth implicates Ben's great-great grandfather Thomas as a co-conspirator in the 1865 murder of Abraham Lincoln. Ben sets out to clear the Gates' name by following clues that take him to Cibola (the City of Gold), Buckingham Palace, the Oval Office, and the President of the United States. National Treasure: Book of Secrets is the sequel to National Treasure (2004) (2004), a Disney Production that was co-written by numerous screenwriters, including American screenwriting team Marianne and Cormac Wibberley. The Wibberleys also wrote the screenplay for National Treasure: Book of Secrets. National Treasure 3 is currently in development with no release date known. The Book of Secrets refers to a book kept by the President of the United States and, in turn, handed down to each succeeding President. It contains secrets known only to the Presidents, e.g., the truth about Area 51 and the assassination of President Kennedy. The first clue leads to a replica of the Statue of Liberty that sits on the Île aux Cygnes near the Grenelle Bridge in Paris, France. On the statue is written (in French): "Across the sea, these twins stand resolute to preserve what we are looking for. 1876". Ben interprets that second clue to refer to two desks made from the timbers of the Resolute, a British ship trapped in ice during an Arctic exploration. One of the desks now sits in the Queen's study at Buckingham Palace, London. The other is the desk of the President of the United States sitting in the Oval Office at the White House. Ben's referring to the fact that, when the monarch of England is not in residence at Buckingham Palace, the Union Jack is displayed. When the Queen is in residence, her royal flag is displayed. Since the Queen wasn't in residence, her royal flag was not flying. Emily deciphers the carved wooden plank found in the Queen's Resolute desk as Olmec writing meaning, Find the noble bird, let him take you by the hand and give you passage to the sacred temple. She concludes that the reference is to Cibola, the City of Gold. But the reference is incomplete without the plank from the President's desk. Unfortunately, that plank was found by President Calvin Coolidge [1872-1933] and destroyed. The only clue to its message lies in the Book of Secrets. This is from a book that Ben reads aloud: In 1527, a Spanish ship wrecked on the Florida coast. There were only four survivors. One was a slave named Esteban who saved a local tribe's dying chief. As a reward, he was taken to their sacred city, a city built from solid gold. Later, when Esteban tried to find the city again, he never could. But the legend grew, and every explorer came to the new world in search of it. When General Custer's search for gold ended at his last stand at Little Big Horn, it became clear none would ever find it. Ben believes that, if the cipher on the diary page leads to Cibola, the City of Gold, this would prove that Thomas Gates threw the page into the fire to prevent the Confederates from finding the gold (a treasure that might have changed the outcome of the Civil War), not to coverup the names of the conspirators in the Lincoln assassination. The President (Bruce Greenwood) mentions that he was an Architecture History major at Yale, so secret passageways (especially under such a historical site as Mount Vernon) would be of extraordinary interest to him. Coupled with this is the fact that Ben was famous (based on the previous movie) for exploring old buildings, national treasures, and such. In light of this, Ben would be the closest thing to an expert. Therefore, the President would probably feel safe with him. Besides, it was only a little jaunt into the cellar, and the President's guard was behind him the whole time. Ben and Mitch finally meet up at Mount Rushmore and agree to work together to find the treasure. Ben finds the "islands of stone" and Mitch adds the last clue: The answer will only be revealed under a cloudless rain. Sprinkling the rocks with their water bottles, they uncover the figure of an eagle. The final clue, possessed by Mitch, say to "surrender your hand to the heart of the warrior." Ben sticks his hand in the hole in the middle of the eagle, pulls a lever, and a rock doorway opens. Ben and Mitch, accompanied by Abigail (Diane Kruger), Riley (Justin Bartha), Patrick (Jon Voight), and Emily (Helen Mirren), make their way into the cave, encountering several traps along the way. Patrick and Emily get separated, but they all end up at the same place—Cibola, the City of Gold. Mitch apologizes for smearing the name of Thomas Gates and explains that it was the only way he could get Ben to join in the search. Suddenly water starts seeping into the city, threatening to block their way out. Noticing that the water seems to be draining, they follow it to a drainage tunnel beneath the city. One person will have to stay behind, however, in order to hold open the stone door. Mitch demands to go first by holding a knife to Abigail's neck, so Ben agrees to stay behind. Everyone gets out except for Mitch and Ben, who become trapped because of the current. Ben is stuck in the door, and Mitch is the only one who can open it. Mitch decides to open the door, letting the current push Ben through but asks Ben to let the world know that it was he (Mitch) who found Cibola. Ben is immediately taken into custody by FBI special agent Sandusky (Harvey Keitel), but the President exonerates him by explaining that Ben did not kidnap him but actually saved his life when the door accidentally closed in the secret tunnel they were exploring. He shows Ben an article for tomorrow's newspaper that names Thomas Gates a national hero and asks him whether he read page 47 on the Book of Secrets. Ben nods and replies, "It's life altering." Everyone, including Mitch Wilkinson, is given credit for finding the City of Gold, Emily can be seen later cataloging the treasures, and Ben and Abigail get back together. In the final scene, Riley sees his red Ferrari bearing a note from the President reading, "Tax free". He jumps in, starts up the engine, and backs into the car behind him. It is never made clear in the movie what was on page 47, and some speculate that it exists as a cliffhanger solely to set up another sequel. On the DVD commentary, director Jon Turteltaub thrice says something about the contents of page 47, but his microphone fails mysteriously all three times. He also rebuffs the sequel theory, saying that the references to page 47 exist to show how much the President began to trust Ben Gates and to establish a closeness between the characters. Mitch wanted to be acclaimed for finding Cibola, but he knew that tricking Ben into find it for him would be much easier, especially if there were any brushes with the law. There were two aircraft in the hangar, both A-3 Skywarriors. The plane was versatile, filling the roles of both bomber and tanker during the Vietnam War and as a spy plane during the Cold War. It was retired from service in 1991.


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A fan-created cross-over between the Die Hard and Lethal Weapon movie franchises.

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Detective-turned-airport security guard John McClane meets up with his old buddy Zeus Carver and decides to accompany Zeus to go see family members at the African country Sangela. Little do they know, they're about to be ambushed by hostile rebel groups in the area as soon as their plane lands. The plane survivors include off-duty detectives Riggs and Muraugh, and the four of them all decide to pursue the mysterious terrorists plotting more destruction and rebel-ensued conflicts in the country. A fan-created cross-over between the Die Hard and Lethal Weapon movie franchises.


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When a magazine photographer is found dead on campus, a group of students decide to find out who committed the crime.

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original title: Campus Sleuth

genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Crime,Music,Mystery,Romance


imdb: 7.6

duration: 57min

tags: It's a Rumpus on the Campus!


keywords: murder, exconvict, college, sistersisterrelationship, losangelescalifornia, swingmusic, policeinspector, orchestraleader, missingbody, dancebandsinger, damselindistress, investigation











































When a magazine photographer is found dead on campus, a group of students decide to find out who committed the crime. A photographer is choked to death just outside of where a college dance is being held. The body is discovered by Lee Watson (Freddie Stewart), Betty Rogers (June Preisser) and Lee set out to find the culprit, who managed to put a big damper on the Big Dance. This film could have used a script doctor. While the initial big band number (partially reprised at the end) is good, the other songs aren't, and just serve to slow down the otherwise rapid pace.

Pre-Superman Noel Neill is cute, but doesn't do much. And even the usually reliable character actor Donald MacBride falters, coming across as too pigheaded and obtuse for the district attorney job he supposedly holds.

As to the mystery, the murderer is not obvious. However the rationales are very shaky, when it comes to the murder itself, and the explanations about where and when it was performed. And, finally, why the murderer would be tricked into attempting to kill a supposed witness makes no sense at all, since s/he (you'll have to guess which) could have easily fended off any allegations as mistaken because of (as s/he points out) a seemingly iron clad alibi.

PS: My copy doesn't have the missing song number either. Yes, I'd like to see this movie as well, as Little Miss Cornshucks was my adopted auntie in Chicago. My earliest memories were of her living with us in Chicago's Hyde Park, in an apartment, when I was about four or five years old. The last time I saw her I was about nine years old. I have fond memories of those times, although now they seem a little foggy, and the memory of her face has faded away, but somehow I still faintly remember her hair being braided in two pigtails on either side of her head, and a broad happy smile, somehow didn't reveal her inner pain and from what I was told later from family members, of her struggle with substance abuse. I miss her dearly and just discovered that she passed away in 1999. If anyone knows where I can get this movie please let me know. My name is Desi Singh.


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GIRLFIGHT: Behind The Scenes, Part I: Moonlight's Fights Full Movie In Hindi Download ->>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Girlfight: Behind the Scenes is the action-packed educational documentary series everyone's been waiting for. Witness for the first time ever the raw, uncut and unedited footage to the ...DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)















































Girlfight: Behind the Scenes is the action-packed educational documentary series everyone's been waiting for. Witness for the first time ever the raw, uncut and unedited footage to the production of GIRLFIGHT: INVITE. Watch GIRLFIGHT made LIVE AS IT HAPPENED. Share with the cast some of the laughs and "WTF" moments of the absurd, tongue-and-cheek slapstick comedy for which Kelcey is known. You'll see the cast and crew laugh at each other, at Kelcey, and even Kelcey laughing at them. You'll see the struggles the cast and crew ran into while making the "worst horror movie" that went on to sell a single extra-feature-rich copy for $2,999.99 and later sold copies with a lot less features at $19.99, $29.99, and even $39.99. Learn how NOT to make a movie, from the Director's "authoritarian" directorial style to a clueless cast and crew all while getting along and having fun. This special edition DVD has been specially-priced for Educators and Students of all film schools world-wide so you won't make the same mistakes this fat-ass idiot schmuck of a director made. Of course, we have also made it available to the general public as a great party piece so beer pong and chilling with your friends or even "GIRLFIGHT and chill" with your girl will never be the same again.


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Download The Oer The Rampardos We Watched Full Movie Italian Dubbed In Torrent

Download The O'er The Rampardos We Watched! Full Movie Italian Dubbed In Torrent

Download: O'er The Rampardos We Watched! >>> DOWNLOAD

Ash has his rematch with Gym Leader Roarke. Will his new strategy be effective against Roarke, especially with Roarke's newly evolved Rampardos?

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original title: O'er the Rampardos We Watched!

genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Comedy,Family,Fantasy



duration: 22min










































Ash ha la rivincita con il capo della palestra Roarke. La sua nuova strategia sarà efficace contro Roarke, specialmente con i Rampardos di recente evoluzione di Roarke?


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Sleeper In A Box Full Movie Hd 1080p

Sleeper In A Box Full Movie Hd 1080p

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A mysterious rock arrives in the DOUM rooms at the NMC, and when Russian mercenaries try to steal it, it's up to Henry, Jasper and Maggie to stop them.

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original title: Sleeper in a Box

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duration: 44min



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Un misterioso rock arriva nelle stanze DOUM del NMC, e quando i mercenari russi cercano di rubarlo, tocca a Henry, Jasper e Maggie fermarli.


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